A New Day!

A brand new, family-friendly musical!

(for ages 6-106)

When the firstborn son to the Queen of all buffalo arrives covered, nose-tip to tail, with the spots of a calico kitten, the Queen, her Chief and the entire buffalo nation are sent tumbling into the adventure of a lifetime.

Including themes such as acceptance, diversity, female empowerment and the ultimate power of forgiveness, ‘The Calico Buffalo’ reflects the important topics of our time. It is a compelling theatrical experience that will delight all ages, delight the child in each of us. A joy-filled celebration of the right to be or look or feel different. Crafted in the tradition of a timeless fable and infused with an eclectic Broadway pop score, ‘The Calico Buffalo’ is a whimsical and heartwarming tale, designed for a multi-ethnic cast of as few as nine actors or as many as 25 or more.

“It is on very rare occasions that we find something so special that, although we’ve just discovered it, feels as if we have loved it all of our lives. ‘The Calico Buffalo’ is that special something. A brand new classic.” – Craig J George, Director

Winner of the The New York Musical Theatre Festival's Audience Award, 'BEST of FEST'

Primed... and ready for the next phase of development

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